Software Testing Tools for IP Networks (IPv4 & IPv6)

Measure QoS and QoE Metrics

Measuring End-to-End QoS & QoE metrics with real applications & simultaneous multi-users for in-service quality monitoring (Wired, Mobile, Satellite, WiFi, PLC…). .

IP Traffic Generator

Traffic generator for IPv4 & IPv6 Networks / Up to 10Gbps / with automation tool enabling automatic operations

IP Traffic Generator & QoS Measure

Powerful IPv4 & IPv6 traffic generator and QoS measurement tool with optional hardware for measurement accuracy.

Impairment Emulator

IPv4 & IPv6 Network emulator software to generate impairments: latency, delay, jitter, bandwidth limitation, loss, duplication, modification…

Timing & Synchronization Products

z050 USB GPS Dongle with PPS

The z050 GPS dongle delivers 1PPS (Pulse per Second) signal usable by timing applications via serial port emulation.

z150 Series

Low cost platform with different GNSS receivers and different output ports (RS232 & USB) and extented operating temperature range.

z250 NTP Server

GNSS Receiver Enclosure with IPv4 NTP Server and Extended Operating Temperature Range.

z1250 Timing Signal Generator

The z1250 synchronization module is a GPS-based timing signal generator for maritime and fluvial traffic lights, wind turbine structures, …

Thunderbolt® NTP
Time Server TS100

NTP v4 Network Time Server (IPv4 & IPv6) designed for reliability applications that require high accuracy NTP time stamping with support of multiple constellations GNSS and extended operating temperature range.

Thunderbolt® PTP
Grandmaster Clock GM100

The Thunderbolt Grandmaster Clock (IPv4 & IPv6) supports NTP, SyncE, PTP (IEEE 1588), multiple constellations GNSS and extended operating temperature range. Designed for small cell, LTE TDD & LTE-A deployments.

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