GNSS Timing and Synchronization Solutions

ZTI Communications offers high precision GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) synchronization solutions, timing solutions and computer time synchronization devices. Suitable for networks or individual workstations or machines, our GNSS timing solutions, computer time synchronization devices and GNSS synchronization solutions can run on Windows, Unix or Linux platforms, delivering synchronization and reliable, accurate timestamping essential for fields such as security, broadcasting network synchronization and legal services.

Timekeeping technologies such as the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites and Network time protocol (NTP) provide real-time access to a close approximation to the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) timescale, and are used for many synchronization applications.


z050 USB GPS Dongle with PPS

The z050 GPS dongle delivers 1PPS (Pulse per Second) signal usable by timing applications via serial port emulation.


z150 Series

Low cost platform with different GNSS receivers (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, COMPASS) and different output ports (RS232 & USB) and extended operating temperature range.


z250 NTP Server

GNSS Receiver Enclosure with IPv4 NTP Server and Extended Operating Temperature Range.


z1250 Timing Signal Generator

The z1250 synchronization module is a GPS-based timing signal generator for maritime and fluvial traffic lights, marking and lighting of wind turbine structures and can be used in many applications.


Time Service Software

ZTI Communications offers high precision Time Service Software (TSS) for Windows platforms which ensures one millisecond accuracy (TSS-N for use with a NTP server, or TSS-P for use with a GNSS device with a com or USB port).

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