z1250 Timing Signal Generator

z1250 Timing Signal Generator drawing

The z1250 synchronization module can generate timing signals synchronized to UTC time thanks to the embedded GPS receiver. Two outputs are available, and each output can be set to one of the four available functions:

  • TOP synchronization with frequency adjustment
  • Time scheduler
  • Twilight switch
  • Out of Position (displaced buoys by example)


Examples of use cases: Maritime and Fluvial Traffic Lights, Wind Turbine Farms…

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The TOP synchronization function is well suited for multiple maritime signaling equipment with same lightning frequency such as alignment lighthouses, fairway buoys or port entry doors (port and starboard lights). The z1250 module can thus synchronize time of light and darkness of these maritime lights which ensures better readability and increases safety. The user can set different adjustment parameters: pulse duration, periodicity and timing offset.

The time scheduler function enables daily schedule for a logical output based on user-defined time slots. To reflect the night length variation over the days better, the module automatically computes sunrise and sunset switches, depending on settings for the days of solstices (winter and summer) and equinoxes.

For the twilight switch function, the z1250 module automatically calculates aurora and daybreak hours from the location determined by GPS. The logical output assigned to this function is therefore daily activated according to the calculated hours for sunrise and sunset (a positive or negative user-defined offset can be added).

The Out of Position function is mostly used for maritime signaling floating equipments such as buoys. The objective is to alert the user or to perform an action when the buoy leaves its correct position area.
port and starboard lights

maritime signaling floating equipment
ApplicationsExample of use case for ZTI 1250 with industrial automation
• Public lightning
• Maritime safety
• Synchronization automation
• And more...
• Control and monitoring unit for maritime signaling lights and motors
• Led Flasher Sabik deployed on both fixed and floating structures
• Programming board for lights

Key Features

  • High timing accuracy
  • Synchronization by GPS
  • Precise geolocation
  • Programmable functions:
    – TOP Synchronization
    – Time scheduler
    – Twilight switch
    – Out of Position
    – System default (antenna problem, GPS satellites not in view…)
  • RS232 interface (programming and NMEA messages)
  • Reduced size 81.3 x 66.0 x 34.0 mm
  • Power supply 9 to 40 VDC and very low consumption
  • RoHS Compliance
Product used and recommended by Institute for Maritime and Inland Waterways from the French Agency for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

Ordering Information
z1250-000 Electronic board
z1250-001GPS antenna with 3m cable
z1250-002GPS antenna with 10m cable
z1250-003DIN rail mounting kit
z1250-004Serial programming cable
z1250 Starter KitIncludes z1250-000 and motherboard, GPS antenna with 3m cable, serial programming
cable and power supply